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Green Parenting – 5 Ways to Develop ‘Eco-Friendly’ Habits as a Family

Green parenting is an ‘eco-friendly’ lifestyle choice to encourage ‘green’ habits as a family.These are habits to consciously choose natural , toxin free alternatives over others.It might sound overwhelming to think for the planet in everything you do, but it’s not that difficult.

As is the case with any parenting – walk the talk, you do it and kids will follow! If you take a responsible step towards Mother Earth, your children will do too. And what’s more, while you care for the planet, these habits will care for your wallet.

When it comes to you and your kids, think of these things – what are you eating, what are you buying and what’s around you.

Here are some easy ways to develop ‘green habits’.

No Plastic

This one’s pretty obvious – say no to plastic. Think grocery shopping, birthday parties or family outings. Each is an opportunity to choose ‘green’. Carry your own cloth bags to shop. Use reusable, recyclable decorations, plates, cutlery in parties. Fill reusable water bottles, pack your own food for the trips where possible, don’t litter – leave places as clean, or cleaner than you find them. Saying no to single-use-plastic will save tonnes of it going to landfills.

Watch Your Food Habits

Eating meat adds to global warming, go veg if you can – if not fully, then partially. Avoid processed food – ready-to-eat, pre-cooked meals come with packaging that heads to landfills and poisons the soil. Cooking your meals will be healthy, cost effective and an excellent habit you can pass on to your kids.

Shop Pre-loved

Yes, you got that right. As your baby grows, you will amass a lot of baby stuff, some which you genuinely need and some which is ‘just in case’. Every new product – breast pump, sterilizer, steamer, cot, pram, stroller – will head to the landfills once your baby outgrows it. Unless – you choose to pass it on to another parent who can reuse it. You can encourage your kids to give away toys and stuff they no longer use or need. Why not be that parent who buys pre-loved products for their kids ? Good for the planet and for the wallet.

Watch What Goes in the Bin

Diapers and sanitary pads take years to disintegrate. Choose reusable diapers and pads or cups if possible. They will save you money and save the planet too. Segregate waste. Make your own composting bins. Grow your own veggies – kids will love spending time with you and will develop healthier eating habits too. Encourage your kids to recycle waste.

Look Around The House

Is the fridge temperature too low or the washing machine temperature too high? Adjust to optimise. Are fans and lights left ON while leaving the rooms? Switch off if not needed. Are the taps running while you brush or soap? Conserve water. Harvest rainwater, use solar energy if possible. A greener house will spend less and save more.

 The habits of our children today will positively impact the planet. Let’s encourage them to lead an ‘eco-friendly’ lifestyle.

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